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My expertise as a psychologist is working with young people, ages 8-29 to address mental health issues. 

The challenges faced by today's children, teens, and young adults can feel overwhelming. Whether it's anxiety, relationship conflict, depression, negative self-talk, or behaviour outbursts, coping is hard to do alone. Contact me to talk about how I can help you take the first step toward change. 



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Individual Therapy for Children and Youth

Sometimes depression, anxiety, or social problems can be overwhelming, causing tension at home and trouble at school.

Support for the Unique Challenges of Young Adulthood

Young adulthood, that period of development between 18 and 30 years old is rife with challenges that are difficult to navigate alone.

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Help for the Parent-Child Relationship

Distance in the relationship with your child can arise for many reasons and can cause real conflict at home. It might feel like you don't know your child.